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How to Play Kubb

There are many variations to playing Kubb. At Valhalla Games, we play by our rules.

If you wish to play by the official rules of the Kubb World Championship in Sweden or the U.S. National Kubb Championship

The game

  • Batons must be thrown underarm. Sideways, horizontal tosses or “helicopter” spins are illegal.
  • If either team topples the king prior to toppling the opposing team’s kubbs, that team automatically loses the game (similar to a scratch in billiards).

1. King Toss
Team A & B each throw one baton toward the king at the same time from opposite baselines. The team closest to the king without toppling it decides whether to throw first or select a side of the field to play from. If the king is toppled by either team, the opposing team selects.

kubb rules valhalla games

2. Team A Wins King Toss and Throws First
Team A throws their batons from behind their baseline and attempts to topple Team B’s kubbs.

kubb rules valhalla games

3. Team B Throws Back Toppled Kubb(s)
Kubb(s) must land on Team A’s side. If kubb(s) land on Team B’s side or out-of-bounds, Team B gets a second attempt. If Team B fails again, Team A places the kubb(s) upright on their own baseline.

kubb rules valhalla games

4. Team B Throws
Team B must topple all of Team A’s field kubbs before toppling the baseline kubbs. Baseline kubbs toppled before field kubbs are placed upright. Toppled field kubbs are out of play and set aside.

kubb rules valhalla games

5. Team A Throws
If Team B fails to topple all field kubbs, Team A can throw from a temporary advantage line created by the closest remaining field kubb. If Team A topples all kubbs, play reverts to Team B, even if Team A has batons remaining.

kubb rules valhalla games

6. Team B Throws
To prevent Team A from attempting to topple the king during their next turn, Team B must topple at least one of Team A’s baseline kubbs.

kubb rules valhalla games

7. Team A Attempts to Topple the King
Team A only gets one chance to topple the king. All attempts to topple the king must be made from the baseline, even if there are field kubbs in play. The baton must be throw between the legs while facing away from the king. If the king is toppled, the game is over and Team A wins. If Team A fails to topple the king, the game continues from step 6.

kubb rules valhalla games king shot