Crown Zenith is Coming!

Crown Zenith is Coming!

In Japan, the Sword & Shield era has already come to an end with the amazing new set; V Star Universe, and I think you will all agree with us that we are ready for something brand new in the Scarlet & Violet era!

BUT...just before we say Goodbye, in just over one month's time (January 20th 2023), the English version of V Star Universe, known as Crown Zenith will be releasing worldwide. The artwork we have started to see releasing from V Star Universe has surpassed anything we have seen before.

Instead of the TG (Trainer Gallery) that we have seen in previous sets such as Astral Radiance, Brilliant Stars etc, we will now have the GG (Galarian Gallery) of tons of gorgeous artworks that I am sure many of us will be collecting. Here are some of these cards that everyone is going to go crazy over: 


Above are just a tiny handful of some of the most beautiful cards The Pokemon Company have ever created. 

As of yesterday (06/12/2022), the Official Pokemon TCG Instagram (@pokemontcg) posted the first ever English Crown Zenith Card including the brand new set symbol and how many Galarian Gallery cards there will be to find. 

How adorable is this Altaria?! 

Many of you may have heard that the Crown Zenith release schedule is going to be following in the footsteps of the Pokemon GO TCG set by releasing products starting January 20th 2023 going all the way to May 2023 with the final products (Subject to change). 

  • January 20th - Crown Zenith Elite Trainer Box 
  • January 20th - Crown Zenith Regieleki & Regidrago Collection Boxes
  • February 2023 -  Crown Zenith Mini Tins 
  • February 2023 - Crown Zenith Special Pikachu Vmax Collection
  • March 2023 - Crown Zenith Galarian Birds Tins
  • April 2023 - Crown Zenith 3 Pack Pin Collections
  • April 2023 - Crown Zenith Morpeko V-Union Premium Playmat Collection
  • May 2023 - Crown Zenith Premium Figure Collections (Shiny Zacian & Shiny Zamazenta) 

Valhalla Games will be on hand to bring you all of the Crown Zenith Products with Pre Orders available 1 month before the certain product release. Pre-Orders can be found HERE!

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