A New Era Is Upon Us

A New Era Is Upon Us

We have been truly spoilt as Pokemon fans with all the latest news and reveals from The Pokemon Company International regarding the new TCG set releasing on March 31st, Scarlet & Violet.

Since November 18th 2022, the worldwide release of the Scarlet & Violet Video Games, the community has started to fall in love with brand new Pokemon and become emersed in the world of the Paldea Region with multiple new challenges and surprises from Team Star to Terastilisation. 

Yesterday (Friday 13th January), TCPi treated us to our first look at some products which will be releasing on March 31st including the Booster Box, Elite Trainer Boxes and the four new pack artworks:

The Paldean Starters in Quaxly, Sprigatitio & Fuecoco are front and centre along with the brand new Legendary Pokemon, Koraidon & Miraidon plus a first look at the new typing, Terasteral Gyarados. This makes up the new pack art which we will see in the TCG.


Koraidon & Miraidon, the Pokemon who are there with us throughout our Paldean Journey, find themselves as the feature Pokemon on the Booster Box as well as the Elite Trainer Boxes as we are given a red box for Scarlet & Koraidon and a purple box for Violet & Miraidon. The contents of the regular Elite Trainer Boxes have not been revealed yet but the contents of the Pokemon Center Exclusives have which are to be very similar. 

We still have just under 12 weeks until Scarlet & Violet TCG releases but we have been given a real treat in seeing some of the artworks that are going to be inside the set. This is also going to be the first set in English with the removal of the set symbol like Japan as well as the silver borders, what do we think?

Here are a few exciting cards we cannot wait for: 


Valhalla Games are so excited to bring you Scarlet & Violet TCG as soon as we can! Pre-Orders will be available shortly so keep your eyes peeled on our social medias as well as our website for further information.  

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